Automated system for the handling of hospital beds, equipped with anti-collision and security systems.

The Bed Mover project was realized in partnership with the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Milano Bicocca.

Easy directional maneuverability, designed for the use of a single operator that can maneuver it with one hand even at a distance.
BeN doesn’t need tracks or guidelines and can also be used on non-straight paths or in confined spaces. In fact, thanks to the rotation on itself and the lateral alignment, it also moves easily in the hospital rooms, elevators, corridors and in the areas of the diagnostic departments used for patient preparation.
Its motorised and universal bed lock system makes it easy to use with different types of hospital beds.

Thanks to BeN, hospitals can greatly reduce the incidence of injuries and functional limitations of social and healthcare workers moving the beds and stretchers.


 Technical Features:

 - Single hand remote control
 - 60 °Rotation on itself
 - Side shift (wall alignment)
 - Anti-collision and security system
 - Universal and automatic bed locking system
 - Maximum load capacity = 600 Kg
 - Maximum Operating Depth: 5%
 - Engines: 2 wheel drive
 - Movement speed: 5 Km / h (almost sloping up to 5%)
 - Traction’s strength 350 W
 - Power steering: 200 W
 - Battery voltage & capacity: 24 V - 55 Ah
 - Electromagnetic parking brake