In healthcare, cost reduction and time saving are two main objectives and the mobile robotics in not valued added tasks is the best way to obtain real results.



Typical application are:

BeN in movimento

BED MOVER, an intelligent system for the handling of hospital beds, aimed at increasing productivity, reducing the risk of injuries and reducing the use of staff in the handling of beds.

HOSPITAL LOGISTICSthe use of Automated Guide Vehicles to move bed linen, meal and waste. 

LAB AUTOMATION, the use of small AGV to move drugs and laboratory specimens.





Using mobile robotics, this kind of healthcare is based on a system of 2 intelligent units:the HLU, a high-level unit that performs scheduling, mapping, tracking and monitoring; and the LLU, a low-level unit that takes care of obstacles, of following the path, controlling the drive, and etc.





This allows the supports to:

  • Locate, map the surrounding environment,
    plan the best way to reach a goal and follow it;

  •  Obtain the presence of obstacles and anomalies, modify
     commands following a path along walls and corridors;
  • Detect the presence of stairs, alerting the user
    and, in case, stop the wheelchair.